Youth Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a STEM Classroom Kit

A completely unique platform designed for middle and high school students that inspires, engages and activates interest in science, technology, engineering and by connecting students to dynamic resources, experiences and STEM career opportunities. This national industry leading platform includes a print magazine, website, and educational tools designed to aid teachers in presenting both project and problem based lessons using relevant and interesting stories in various STEM Jobs.

STEM Jobs was created to “give students what they wanted: relevant, interesting classroom to career connections that are viable, obtainable, high demand and high paying.

Contact Maggie, Program Support for Youth Engagement Initiative to learn how you can sponsor a STEM Classroom Kit!

Each Toolbox is Branded with the Youth Engagement Initiative YEI logo and Contains:

YEI Business Sponsor information & swag

Every student will receive informational flyers about your local company!

STEM Jobs Magazine Subscription

15 Magazines – 4x per year (60 total)

Hot Jobs Poster Series

4 posters – 4x per year (16 total)



STEM Jobs Lesson Plans

9 high school lesson plans – 4x per year (36 total)


9 middle school lesson plans – 4x per year (36 total)

STEM Jobs Webinars

1 webinar – 4x per year (4 total)

Educator Guide



Open Your Business to Youth Apprenticeships

Demand from our local industries tells us how workforce shortages are a barrier to their growth. Educators, in particular, those in Career-technical education, need our help connecting their students to local workplace environments, expectations and job opportunities. The Youth Engagement initiative is currently organizing efforts to bring youth apprenticeships in manufacturing, construction and more to Whatcom County.

Contact Lin, Director for Youth Engagement Initiative, to tell us about your desire to participate in sponsoring a youth apprentice.