The year-long webinar series will focus on a variety of topics, including:

  • The impact of coronavirus on the local economy, businesses, and healthcare systems
  • Local, state, and federal aid and loan programs for Whatcom County businesses
  • The outlook for important local and regional industries
  • Success stories from local companies that have successfully pivoted to meet new regulations and changing customer demand
  • Human resource and employee health and safety requirements in the age of coronavirus
  • The challenges companies, employees, and communities face as the Washington economy reopens
  • The local, state, and national energy industry and how it is adapting to the new reality
  • And more!

The list of webinar topics may change as the state transitions through various stages of reopening, but we believe discussing these topics—and others—with local business people, thought leaders, health experts and public officials will help ensure our business community stays prepared, informed and capable of navigating a rapidly changing environment.


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Wednesday, May 13
3:00pm PST

“Navigating a New Health and Economic Reality in Whatcom County”
Featuring local health experts on the public and private side, as well as banking and business experts sharing insight and advice on what companies need to do to prevent another wave of the coronavirus while remaining financially and operationally solvent.

Did you miss it? View the recording here.

Wednesday, June 17
3:00pm PST

"The Health and Financial Challenges and Opportunities of Phase 2 Reopening"

Join local legal, financial and medical experts and business owners and learn about Phase 2 updates as they share insight and advice on the health and financial challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for Whatcom County businesses.

Did you miss it? View the recording here.

Wednesday, July 15
3:00pm PST

"New Regulations, Laws & Guidelines as Businesses Reopen"

Attendees will hear elected officials, policymakers, and experts from the Washington Policy Center to learn more about how changes to regulatory requirements during the coronavirus pandemic may impact their businesses and industries—and how they can have a voice in the regulatory process.

Wednesday, August 19
3:00pm PST

"Infectious Disease/Testing Experts Answer Your Questions"

This special Recovery Whatcom webinar features a leading infectious disease expert from PeaceHealth and local public health policymakers on what businesses can do to help control further spread of COVID-19, and help ensure the economy can continue opening.

Wednesday, September 16
3:00pm PST

"The 'New Normal' of Cybersecurity"

The age of the coronavirus has led to more digital information sharing than ever before. As transactions containing large amounts of sensitive information become even more common, owners and managers need to know what they must do to protect their customers, the employees, and the business itself.

Wednesday, October 21
3:00pm PST

"Marketing Your Business in Times of Uncertainty"