WBA hosts webinar on cybersecurity

Whatcom Business Alliance Hosts Webinar on Cybersecurity

As a part of its ongoing “Recovery Whatcom” webinar series, the Whatcom Business Alliance (WBA)  hosted “Cybersecurity and the New Risks to Your Business” on Wednesday, September 16. Chase Bank’s Merrick Tam, Vice President, Treasury Management hosted the session, which provided advice and guidance for Whatcom County businesses looking to protect their business accounts from cyber-attacks during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
The volume and sophistication of cyberattacks have soared during the pandemic due to the massive increase in digital information shared on platforms designed to facilitate work and financial transactions during the ongoing lockdowns and economic restrictions. The host noted that every business — regardless of their size — is vulnerable to attack.
One of the more notable cyber scams during the pandemic occurred when the Washington Department of Employment Security suffered an attack that placed hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits at risks. The attack contributed to ongoing delays in filing unemployment claims and resolving earlier unemployment benefits denials.
“Cybersecurity is a serious issue,” said WBA Executive Director Barbara Chase. “Because of the pandemic and resulting economic restrictions, Whatcom County businesses are already vulnerable. Suffering a cyber-attack in this environment could wipe out many local businesses. We appreciate Chase Bank’s sponsorship of the event, as well as the expertise and thought leadership of our host. Businesses that implement the right protocols will be better able to prevent or withstand an attack and are far more likely to come out of this pandemic ready for growth and success.”