Q gone for good. Now Brio is its name-o

Published in Business Pulse magazine in March 2016

Alliance Laundry Systems Corp., the makers of Speed Queen washers, claimed a trademark on the brand “Q.” Therefore, Owner/President Colleen Unema has rebranded her company to Brio Laundry on Alabama Street just off its intersection with James Street in the Sunnyland neighborhood.

Unema liked the sound and meaning of Brio (Italian noun: “enthusiastic vigor; great energy and confidence.” ). She said in a news release, “(Alliance) brought out the big corporate lawyers to file an opposition against us.” After consulting with her own lawyers, she believed she had a strong case with which to push back.

“Ultimately,” she said, however, “we decided to keep our focus on what we really love to do – run our small business with integrity and determination.

Brio’s owner, Unema, added PINK machines to raise money for local families who are served by Peace Health St. Joseph Cancer Center. There are three PINK machines.

“And when you come down to it, our name is not the most important thing about us. What we bank on is our quality of service, our devotion to sustainability, and to our awesome customers.”

Brio Laundry provides full-service laundering with state-­of-­the-­art, high-­efficiency washing machines and dryers, bio­safe soaps and accouterments. Machines can be programmed to text clients 10 minutes before a cycle is finished.

Brio also offers laundry “Drop and Dash,” services for outdoor gear, pet beds, and delicate items, as well as a special “Mud Club” self­service area for coats, boots, tents, and other difficult to manage items.

“Brio sounds simple, clean, and energetic,” Unema said. “It fits our company vision as well as our general attitude. Our motto is ‘Faster, Cleaner, Better, Smarter’ because we believe that it’s possible to make even the most mundane of chores a pleasant experience.”