In Harmony Training

Bellingham , WA, Aug.6, 2018 – When a company loses an employee making $50,000 a year, it can cost that company a minimum of $25,000. And the U.S. Department of Labor reports that 3.5 million people quit their job in April 2018—many who are highly qualified with sought-after talents or badly needed laborers in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Studies show the top three reasons for this surprisingly high level of attrition are the employee: not understanding the company; not comprehending the job duties; and having a “bad boss.” While the cost of attrition can be staggering, the power to change the statistics are within the companies control.

In Harmony Training (IHT) is focused on developing new and emerging leaders in a wide variety of industries and minimizing attrition. Founder/CEO Harmony Thiessen has been training leaders for 30 years in more than 20 countries. Her career began assisting indigenous leaders in developing countries create sustainable community business models. Her work included negotiations with government and tribal officials in African, South American and Eastern European countries.


“With 25% of mission-critical employees at risk for turnover, it’s imperative that their employers give them the tools they need to build their careers before they feel the need to pull the plug,” Thiessen said. “They’re not only working for money; in today’s workplace there’s a need to find meaning and significance in one’s job.”

IHT Courses are aimed at giving trainees the tools and the concepts to build a strategic and actionable plan to enhance their work environment and productivity. They also get involved in solving problems that may not have a direct correlation to their job portfolio but teach them skills that are highly transferrable.

IHT provides in-house customized training for corporate and not-for-profit organizations. It hosts classes throughout Washington and Oregon on 20 different leadership topics for small- and medium-sized businesses. The topics include how leaders think, build effective teams, communicate dynamically solve problems and innovate for change.   Also available are compliance courses in Workplace Violence Prevention and Respectful Workplace Civility Behaviors.

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