If you and your business do not engage in public policy issues, you will be governed by those who do.

Support the WBA Policy Center

The WBA Policy Center advocates on behalf of all businesses and industries in Whatcom County, providing they are good actors, follow the rules and comply with all local, state and federal laws. We do that by being the eyes, ears and voice for responsible Whatcom County businesses so they can focus on growing their business, hiring new people, paying good wages, adding to our tax base and giving back through philanthropic efforts.

Wherever appropriate, the WBA Policy Center provides fact-based, third party objective research and analysis using credible data in order to facilitate reasonable solutions to issues facing local business. We also engage in education and advocacy for businesses on policy matters that are deemed to be detrimental to business success. We build coalitions and develop strategies to assist businesses in engagement on important policy issues in order to change the trajectory of bad policy before it is implemented.

By contributing to the WBA Policy Center, you become a proactive part of the solution. Your contribution engages you in the critical process of shaping a better business climate in Whatcom County.

WBA Policy Center Objectives

The WBA Board of Directors developed a Strategic Plan for Advocacy that outlines the following key objectives:

  • Provide fact-based business research, education, communication and advocacy for WBA members and the community on issues deemed important to local business success and community prosperity.
  • Develop industry specific research that will document the economic impact to our community of business growth and success through job creation and economic development.
  • Proactively work to advance policy issues that support business success and advocate against those harmful to local business by informing, engaging, organizing and advocating.

How You Can Help

In addition to letting us know about issues that may be impacting your business or industry, you can become part of the solution by making an annual or monthly contribution to the WBA Policy Center Step Up Fund. It allows us to proactively engage on issues on your behalf, before they impact you detrimentally. You can make a recurring monthly contribution of any amount using our secure sign up process. You may also contact the office at for more payment options.