Fact-Based Research and Education

The WBA is actively engaged in fact-based business research, education, communication and advocacy with its members on issues deemed important to local business success and community prosperity. The WBA has built an extraordinary level of influence and credibility because it gathers credible data and information and shares it in a thoughtful, respectful and solution-focused manner.

Wherever appropriate, the WBA provides third party objective research and analysis using credible data in order to facilitate reasonable solutions to issues facing local business. We also engage in education and advocacy for businesses on policy matters that are deemed to be detrimental to business success. We build coalitions and develop strategies to assist businesses in engagement on important policy issues in order to change the trajectory of bad policy before it is implemented.


2017 Business Conference Speakers

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2017 Whatcom Agribusiness economic impact analysis

2017 Whatcom County Agribusiness Economic Impact
2017 Whatcom County Agribusiness Economic Impact

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2018 Economic Forecast Breakfast

2018 Dann Mead Smith Opening Slide