Local Businesses Step Up

Whatcom County needs an honest broker on issues of importance and a leadership organization willing to speak out about what is right. Whatcom County needs a source for facts and information that the public can trust. Support the Whatcom Business Alliance as the advocate for business success and community prosperity through the Step Up campaign.

The WBA Step Up campaign provides local businesses of all sizes an opportunity to participate in the critical process of engaging in public policy issues.  Local policy issues impact the success of local business and shape the overall business climate in Whatcom County. The health of our business climate affects our entire community. The Step Up advocacy campaign will provide resources for the WBA to engage proactively in these efforts on behalf of the entire local business community.

Why Advocacy Is Important

Business success is the largest driver of community prosperity and jobs.  Let your voice be heard as part of a vibrant business community through the WBA:

  • Environmental stewardship and economic prosperity are compatible, and we need to have the conversation about this balance.
  • Business leaders can offer great solutions on policy issues and the WBA has proven to be an outstanding voice for local business.
  • The Whatcom County business community gives back in great measure, but can only do so when we are successful and vibrant.
  • We need to educate the community, our policy makers and young people about the harm that results from excessive regulatory burdens on local businesses.
  • We need to educate our community about the Importance of the personal freedom to choose, property rights and the value and benefits of entrepreneurship.
  • Businesses deserve predictability, consistency and fairness so they can grow and add family wage jobs for our community.

Step Up Objectives

The WBA Board of Directors developed a Strategic Plan for Advocacy that outlines the following key objectives:

  • Expand our economic, environmental and political research and provide factual information and analysis to our board, WBA members, the community and media.
  • Develop industry specific research that will document the economic impact to our community of business growth and success through job creation and economic development.
  • Proactively work to advance policy issues that support business success and advocate against those harmful to local business by informing, engaging, organizing and advocating.

How You Can Help

Become a member of the Step Up campaign by contributing to the WBA business advocacy fund. Contributions are made on a recurring monthly basis via our secure sign up process. You may also contact the office at office@whatcombusinessalliance.com for more payment options.

WBA Advocacy Efforts

Enforcing Regulatory Reform Orders.