If you and your business do not participate in the shaping of public policy, you will be governed by those who do.

Vote NO on these four initiatives for a stronger local economy.

A package of four initiatives submitted by a coalition of Bellingham community activist groups — with no regard to the long-lasting negative impact they will create for local businesses and our entire community — will appear on Bellingham’s November ballot.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • #1 Renter Protections: The severity of the restrictions to manage operating costs on landlords will result in increased housing costs for our workforce and potential reduction in the rental market as a percentage of landlords may opt to sell in a very hot real estate market and not deal with the proposed new law.
  • #2 No Invasive Police Technology: Crime has increased in Bellingham in the past 24 months and reducing the ability of Bellingham Police to protect the community is detrimental to the safety of our workers and property owners.
  • #3: Protect the Right to Organize: Concerns recipients using City funds to discourage unionization efforts. This initiative would restrict contractors on how they use the proceeds of City contracts by requiring them to maintain a complete separate accounting of all City funds per contract showing they weren’t using funds from projects to discourage labor organization. This would also establish a process for administrative investigations of complaints of discouraging labor organization and private enforcement actions, which could ultimately result in contractors being barred to bid City contracts for 2 years.
  • #4: Worker’s Rights: Fair Treatment of Hourly-Wage Employees and Gig Workers: This initiative would implement predictive scheduling for construction, and other industries, which are detrimental to work schedule flexibility for projects and workers. This initiative also implements hazard pay of $4/hr for any State of Emergency declared, which includes Bellingham. This will also include any firm residing outside of Bellingham for the hours worked within Bellingham city limits.


WBA is now working with a coalition of business associations including the AGC, Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, WA Hospitality Association, WA Retail Association, Small Grocers Association and other business associations specifically opposing Initiative #4.

WBA’s Board of Directors is recommending a no-vote for all four initiatives because of the enormous negative impact for City of Bellingham businesses, especially small businesses, employees, and our entire community.

If you will be negatively affected by these as a business owner or employee and want to share your thoughts, click here.

Join us in a NO vote in November for a stronger and healthier environment for local businesses.